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Developer Services

HCLtd.eu General Note

The what HCL aims to bring to the industry here is the provision to have an input from an informed person at the front end of the project. To be that initial sounding board in the design team, which provides a steer in getting started making that all important provision without necessarily committing that major fee plan.

The example I quote you is to ensure that time does not slip through your fingers, employ sufficient resource and to  implement at the right time, review the physical space to achieve the goal and that funding is allocated and understood.

Equally when the requirement changes or the initial resource is not available HCL will get you out of trouble just as positively as is available. There is always a "get out of jail" card to be had somewhere!

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HCLtd.eu M & E and Public Health Package

Building Regulation activities in these subjects is delivered in one fell swoop!

The novel package I bring together here in support of developers is that group of subjects, which has probably changed the most in recent years and typically; drainage above and below ground, SUDS, heating, domestic hot water and cold water supplies, other mechanical and electrical works.

This package of works can be delivered very easily as a one stop show from the initial space planning to the supervision and installation of the final equipment. Most of all keeping a weather eye in that area of spending and specifying where cuts are only made in the belief that one is saving money, when in reality it will have the biggest and longest impact in the use of the premises.

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HCLtd.eu Mechanical Services

The primary "movers" is the initial element to get right when considering how the space environment is to be developed in heating, cooling and ventilation. The pressure upon us to respond to global warming and the effect of green house gases must not be under estimated. These rudimentary decisions impact upon residential and commercial developments alike as the problems are much the same it just more space and money to get it right.

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HCLtd.eu Electrical Services
Electrical engineering in developments ranging across the primary need for power and lighting extends across the media and security spectrum. to make an allocation in the early stages of design will allow you to enjoy the rewards later.

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HCLtd.eu Foul and Surface Water Drainage

Sustainable urban drainage systems is here to stay and making space for these systems at the out set is important. Technology has moved on and the ability to manage water systems allow us to comply better than ever before. HCL will  manage the process through the various stages of design and approval with the Environmental Agency and the Regional Water Company's.

Surface water flooding, as an act of nature, can some times be mitigated by design, in some instances flooding can be engineered as a control process which can bring economies of construction into play. However there is a fine line between where tolerance becomes an inconvenience.

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HCLtd.eu Hot and Cold Water Services

Maintaining water efficiency in your development is not negotiable and is part of the sustainable requirement in projects. In reality what seems like a big spend at the outset, becomes pounds in your pocket later. Technology has moved on and the ability to provide a desirable solution that is not a compromises is readily available.

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HCLtd.eu Estate Infrastructure

It is important to support the planning process early, making sure space allocation and funding is channelled correctly. Procedures do take considerable amounts of time to bring to fruition and early control measures help bring that all important sense of calm.

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HCLtd.eu Utility Services Management

Co-ordination and effective management is important in delivering the infrastructure to support the development. Liaison between the design team, site and the end user is a continuous process.

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HCLtd.eu The Planning Process - Judicial Review

Having achieved a successful planning campaign, judicial review is something that is often ill-considered making little or no provision for this process to occur. It is the one thing that will catch you out, but it does not have to be the show stopper it implies and can be managed to minimise the impact.

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HCLtd.eu Intelligent Plan Services

Preparing plans in the lowest common denominator of 2D provides a wide platform for all to enjoy, however to go the extra mile and deliver that platform in 3D will make for good efficiencies across the board. To be able to model in this manner provides a wide range of abilities that offers in the first instance the designer to understand the consequences of their thought processes and secondly in cost engineering one can see the immediately the benefits or otherwise in managing change. The benefit to the contractor is also dramatic for he can now see how related events come together and begin to mitigate potential down time.

HCL employs the latest laser and GPS technologies in undertaking the measured surveys, this together with the latest 3D software from Autodesk make for a formidable partnership in the field and desktop alike.

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